Excitement Of Sit And Go Tournaments

March 27, 2017


The basic principle of sit&go tourneys is simple: you pay an entry fee and play with other players, aiming at finishing first. Nothing complicated ate all. You can join sit and go tournaments at any online poker room. To do this you need to choose the poker site. Please read the article below in order to know what to keep in mind when selecting the best site to play sit&go tournaments. 

1.The number of active players.

Pay attention to the number of active players. To join dynamic and exciting tourneys there should be at least several hundreds of active players. It may be really dull to sit and wait for a beginning of the game when the number of players is not sufficient. The high number of players in the room ensure quick filling up of the playing tables. 

2.The level of competition

Of course, sit&go tournaments on poker sites bring lots of fun but do not forget why you are there. First of all, it is all about the money, and the goal of any player is to win. The more money you win, the more fun and excitement you will receive. Do not me ashamed to trace weak players to take advantage of them. That’s not bad, just a common sense. If you don’t win a fish's money, other players else will. So be the first to do it.

3.Variety and types of tourneys available

We all know that the Texas Hold'em sit&go games are the most popular among other poker games. 

Still many online poker rooms offer a number of variations to choose from in the sit&go tournaments. But it is always cool to have some diversity to select from and try something new. Who knows, maybe a new game will be more fruitful for you.

4. Size of the fees

There is a standard fee for sit&go tournaments, and it usually equals 10 %. Still the fee can differ from one pokers site to another. It is clear that the lower the fees in reference to the buy-in are more favourable. Sometimes you can come across fluctuations in the size of fees at the lower limits, they can rise up to 20%. If you are a novice in poker games or have a small budget, it is a wise idea to search for the site with the lowest fees for sit&go tournaments. 

5. Basic ist&go structure 

At the dawn of online poker, the structures of sit&go tourneys at some sites were unbalanced.  Nowadays the most popular online poker sites stick to fairly standardised format of the stack sizes and blind structures, as the most poker rooms have now figured out what kind of structure works best. Of course, some small deviations may be present, but they are so slight that there is no need to be anxious.

Sit&go tournaments are available at the most of the online poker sites. You are welcome to read our reviews in order to choose the best site for playing sit&go tourneys.